MU-2 World was established to give the MU-2 enthusiast a bird’s eye view into the world of the MU-2 through the lens of Air 1st Aviation Companies, Inc., an aviation management company owned and operated by Mike Laver in Aiken, South Carolina. Along with its supporting cast of aviation-related companies, Air 1st Aviation continues to break ground in the world of the MU-2 by coming up with fresh, exciting ideas to keep the MU-2 relevant in the modern world.

Mike Laver’s around the world flight last year, that was planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the MU-2 prototype’s first flight on September 14, 1963, garnered a sense of respect and appreciation for the MU-2 reaching far beyond the normal MU-2 circles. On the Around the World page, you’ll have an opportunity to get behind the scenes and learn more about the preparation for this incredible trip and you’ll get more behind the scenes facts as Mike takes you through the trip leg by leg.

MU-2 World will have monthly major broadcasts to offer a look into major projects and events that are ongoing with each of the companies under the Air 1st management umbrella—Air 1st, Inc. – MU-2 sales and fleet operator with the USAF at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL, Carolina Turbine Support – Major MU-2 Service Center, and Aiken Aviation Enterprises, their fixed base operator on the field of the Aiken Municipal Airport.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the Platinum Series MU-2 and how Air 1st has been successful in taking a structurally sound airframe and bringing it to modern standards to rival a newly manufactured aircraft, and you’ll learn more about the modifications to retrofit the MU-2 with 5-bladed composite MT-Propellers and Digital Engine Instrumentation. In addition to these broadcasts, there will be periodic informative or instructional broadcasts regarding important news and topics in the industry.